Tiretherm - the tire warmer

Tiretherm a portmanteau, which consists of the terms is TIRE (American tire) composed for and THERM temperature.
Tiretherm is a tire warmer that before assembly warmed the tires on the car, so that the material becomes softer to facilitate the installation.

Special field of application

The Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires and wheels with runflat tires (Run Flat) are accepted by the market, and have according to BRV now account for 25% of the tire replacement business!
If a tire is heated before mounting only from 21 ° C to 25 ° C decrease the necessary mounting forces depending on the make up to 50%!

This protects your machines and of course the tires of your customers.

Tiretherm - TT350

TT350 benefits:

  • Stress-free reduction of assembly - and disassembly - power of up to 50%
  • Easy to operate thanks to characteristic control
  • Simply enter tire temperature
  • Fast and risk free accomplishment of core tire temperature from 24°C-27°C using the patent registered system
  • Fast amortization due to short and damage free mounting of UHP and RunFlat tires
  • Time saving through faster mounting of the warmed up tires
  • Easy to operate. Simply set up and load
  • Connected value: 230V/16A

Technical data:

Size (LxBxH)970 x 910 x 920mm
Max tire diameter22 Zoll
Electrical supply data230V / 50Hz / 16A
Heating power3,5kW

We reserve the right to make technical modification.

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