High-Quality Wheel Washing with Ultrasound

What is Tiresonic?

Tiresonic is an art word combining the term TIRE with SONIC for ultrasound. The Tiresonic is an ultrasonic wheel washer for the workshop.

How Does Tiresonic Work?

Wheels are washed with ultrasound in a warm water bath. This process is gentle to sentitive rims while working very throrouly – even in fine structures.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

The Tiresonic ultrasound procedure is an innovative high-tech cleansing for residue-free removal of dirt from rim surfaces down to the smallest clefts. The patented rotation technology cleans rims with Billions of imploding cavitation bubbles without the use of aggressive chemicals and mechanical accessories.

In the Tiresonic cleansing bath, microprocessor controlled piezoelectric ultrasound transducers produce microscopic bubbles generating an extreme vacuum internally at high temperatures for microseconds. The subsequent implosion releases energy that functions as an attack of Billions of microscopic wiper blades processing the cleaning good.

The environmentally and material friendly cleaning technology binds the dissolved dust particles, requires no mechanical additives or harmful chemicals and is an active contribution to environmental protection.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Procedure

Wheel Cleaning in Schweden

Wheel Cleaning in Japan

Wheel Cleaning in Norway

How Does Tiresonic Perform?

Pictures speak louder than words. Take a look at the results of the Tiresonic machines. With our machines you significantly improve your service quality and can carry out your positive image. Of course this promotes customer retention!

For 15 years, Tiresonic stands for machines of highest quality 100% made in Germany. For us, service comes first. We would like to enable you to do the same.

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