Tiresonic Gmbh

Tiresonic GmbH is the leading provider of ultrasonic wheel washing machines and stands for highest quality wheel cleansing. For companies, customer service is an unique selling point. Our wheel washing machines help car companies to significantly improve their service quality through a perfect washing results while saving time. In terms of washing procedure, we entirely go our own path by opting for ultrasound.

The target groups of the in 2007 founded company are car dealers and shops, tire dealers, body, rim, and car processors as well as wheel storage companies, the police and other authorities. Our goal is not to get the cheapest wheel washing machine on the market, but to enable the best possible washing result at minimal operating costs with the shortest possible washing time so that the user can achieve the highest possible margin with the shortest amortization.

We achieve this with varrying types of machines, from the smallest machine for small companies with a specifically high need for service quality up to large wheel hotels with 50.000 wheel sets and more with groups of our large machines. Moreover, is it specifically important to us to be close to our customers so that in case of a machine outage during the washing season, we can help with phone support and sending out spare parts ensuring that the machine is up and running again the following day.

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